New Production 2008

A 360° show.

The ginkgo tree was a charred stump which sprouted again and breathed life after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. This tree lends its name to antagon's new production. On the futuristic stage, a group of human beings fight for survival and discover a force that affirms the power of life - the seed of hope and the source of flowering and growth. ginkgo - a racingly fast outdoor performance with poetic and sensitive moments, pyrotechnics, hanging installations, live music and action-theatre that creates gigantic images.

  Starting Points

• The environmental catastrophe is no longer a question of time – it is already a matter of our time.
• While one half the world lives in luxury and wealth, thousands of people in other parts of the world die from malnutrition, starvation, lack of medical attention, and war.
• Due to declining natural resources, governments of "civilised” countries use war as a means to offset their deficits. Bombing civilian populations has become a common strategy.
• Not even drinking water is available for everyone. Instead, it is traded as a product on the world market - amounting to mass murder of the poorer populations who are literally dying of thirst.
• The tacit restraint of not using nuclear weapons is already a thing of the past. In order to defend their interests, governments are seriously considering the possibility of a nuclear offensive.

• What have we learned from Hiroshima?
• What has changed since then?
• Are we living in a clean, civilised world with dignified murderers?


We, as a theatre company, contemplate these developments and put these questions in images. The new antagon production ginkgo observes this senseless drama created by humans on this planet. We consider the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan in 1945 as one of the darkest moments in the history of humankind.
. . . a civilisation that is willing to murder and torment for strategic reasons related to egocentrism and greed.
Looking back on the last sixty years since Hiroshima, the untenable reality of living under the bomb threatens our very existence. Given this perspective, we are nevertheless striving for a worthy existence, like a plant that continuously grows and adapts to its environment – this is the ancient force that roots us to this planet. Everywhere in a disrupted world, Mother Nature still gives her power to life.
This force presents each individual with the question, whether egoism, self-enrichment and destruction is part of one's plan, or if affirming the dignity of life and respecting humans and the environment, as well as creating a habitable world is one's highest goal.

Where do we find this force?
Where and through what is it created?

It is a part of each person, deeply hidden in each soul, like ancient, forgotten knowledge, that we can rediscover in the patience, strength and wisdom of a tree.

ginkgo“ is a fast-paced, outdoor production, with room for poetic and sensible moments, but also with fire, hanging performances, live music and action-theatre that creates large images.

Production description (PDF).
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