F.A.U.S.T III – Theatre about money

This new production of antagon theaterAKTion is a modern exploration of Goethe’s “Faust “.

It questions the hustle and bustle of the financial strategists in our world today. How far do we go to satisfy our needs? Money or humanity, profit or happiness have become moral issues, which are shown in the images of this large-scale outdoor theatre production .

antagon, itself coming from the birthplace of Goethe, takes the moral issue as a starting point for this new show. The premier took place in Frankfurt/Main at the international theater festival ” Sommerwerft 2013 ” – in the shadow of the new European Central Bank premises. What are the values of a society living in an accelerated world between abundance and hunger?

F.A.U.S.T. III is a socio-critical piece of theatre, translating the original Faust in a playful way, while bringing up Goethe´s question of morality again and making it accessible for an audience in public spaces. Scenes of Urfaust and Faust I are the storyline, implemented on various stages, on moving stage settings, in and around the audience, on stilts and hanging over the audience. antagon left out large amounts of text and dialogues by using a non-verbal language instead in form of vivid and expressive physical theater and modern dance.

A true Faust for the masses has been created by making this classic text (that everybody knows, but nobody really read) emotionally accessible and comprehensible. The desire and interest is awakened again, current issues, moral topics are addressed and answers are offered. Happiness can be achieved when people come together to share love and prosperity.

“Unsettling scenes, an archaic choreography and a fascinating stage – this antagon production doesn´t only take place in front of the audience, but also within. A storm comes up and sweeps through the crowd, figures dressed in gold turn into monkeys. Faust , several Gretchens and Mephistos occur .”
Sommerwerft magazine / August 2013

Audience capacity of up to 3,000 persons / playing time 70 minutes