Frame Games

Everything in the frame, that falls out of the ordinary


What is bailing in the material world, if not the golden frame that constantly holds us isolated?

Hanging here we ask ourselves: “What do I get from it? What did I give and what have I lost for it?

The protagonists fill the four hyper-dimensional frames with poetic images, completely without words. Their world is made out of dream pictures, acrobatics, furious dances and elegant stilt artistry.


The frames – an analogy for the system of our wealthy society – do not only protect and emphasize, they also enclose and limit. How far can we lean out of this frame without falling out? What happens when you break out? . . . or when everything threatens to jump out and in the end you are thrown out?

The play begins: A tranquil video projection is taking the audience on a journey – skewed impressions of a strange world, the world of Frame Games. The film gently slows down the hurried passage of time and stops in a new framework. Out of this world, a group of travellers emerge slowly. The characters are foreign – somehow – and at the same time familiar.

A blast breaks the silence, the screen falls and opens the view on the frames, which pull the travellers into the scenery like a receding tidal wave. Within, diverse stories develop around the main characters. Their memories, thoughts and dreams appear and disappear in abstract associations.

“This theatre production works like a magnifying glass, revealing the secrets in each person that hide behind society’s masks and scream for liberation . . . according to the description of Frame Games. What luck that Bernhard Bub, the director, keeps – instead of a magnifying glass – a type of magic hand in his tool kit.”
(Frankfurter Rundschau, August 9, 2006, Feuilleton)