Ginkgo is a racy outdoor performance with pyrotechnic effects, fire, stilt actions, hanging installations as well as self-composed  live music- a composition that creates vivid, haunting and, at the same time, poetic moments. The premiere was in Bucharest, Romania in 2008. Ginkgo has a 360° setting, mostly overhead, for a big audience.  Play time is approximately 70 minutes.

The content ties up to the nuclear disaster in 1945. It shows how, even in a seemingly inverted world of egoism, exploitation, ecological devastation and wars, nature puts all its force at any time in living. Catastrophes can´t set back the force of nature. After the atomic strike on Hiroshima, the Ginkgo tree was nothing than a charred stump. However, it started out to new live.

On a rather futuristic stage setting, a group of human beings struggles for life. Then they find hope and trust in the invincible, positive power of nature, origin for growth and prosperity.

Where do humans find this power. How do we generate it? Is it an already existing, every human inherent power, concealed deep down inside of us, like old and forgotten memories?

In an atmosphere of constant changes that we might very well percieve as threatening, our theatre dares to look back on the last six decades and, with this in mind, asks what Hiroshima has changed and whether we can live under the burden of the atomic threat.

The tragic nuclear accident 2011 in Fukushima had a tremendous impact on the latest revival of Ginkgo.

Ginkgo asks if it is, nowadays, possible to still believe in a dignified world worth living and answers the question in the positive.