(Deutsch) Hambre y Vida

hambre y vida – theater laboratory of antagon theaterAKTion

march 03-20 2017

We would like to invite you to Hambre y vida our full-time theatre laboratory dedicated to yearly refreshing of the antagon reality & your possibility to get in touch with it.

For 17 days we´ll live, train & create together in a desert mountain landscape near the coast of Andalusia.

You’ll experience the process of being part of the creative antagon collective, as well as the daily live structure – people interacting with each other in a complex group:

Each person for him- or herself; each person for the group; the group for every individual.

Daily teachings of improvisation-, dance- & theatre-techniques, stilt walking & acrobatics, emotional theatrical work, improving our perception.

Using this learned skills directly in creation, trans theatrical expeditions & much more will be on our daily agenda.

antagon is 25 years experienced & lived vision of professional physical theatre in public spaces – based on a group process of living & working together.

antagon created numerous shows & performances & toured them internationally.

From the first day of our existence – antagon was motivated by the actual & political issues. They are the origin of our shows. At the moment we have 6 Shows in our repertoire. In 2016 we will focus on 4 of them.

The creative work of antagon includes:

Transformation of the public space into a confronting poetic theatre atmosphere.

Using organic theatre in public spaces as key to touch audiences emotionally.

Understanding the nature of human being.

Searching for answers to the fundamental & actual questions of life.

* Where do we come from? 

* Where are we right now?

* Where are we going?

* Where am I & where are you?

The red hot issue concerning the time we are living in: What is the aim of the theatre in times of upcoming 3rd World War & intercontinental refugee movement?

For example our show GINKGO – reflecting the situation in Hiroshima in the 2nd world war – has now gotten again a new macabre actuality.

A lot of things happened & influenced the process – at the moment the fact of children & coming babies in the group creates a new energy. They may be the 3rd antagon generation but for now its challenging our organisation & course changes inside the ensemble.

We are looking for people who are interested in our vision & who are open to get involved in a process with antagon.

Your process could begin with this experimental & intensive laboratory in spain.

Place: Andalucía, Spain
Time: 03. March – 20. March 2017
Price: 600,- Euro incl. travelling costs / board & lodging
Depature in Frankfurt/Main with the antagon-Tourbus

Precondition: You´re interested to work with anatgon for a certain time.
Requirement: A personal conversation about your questions, your experiences & your personal strengths & weaknesses.

Enrolment: Limited amount of participants, 100,- Euro payment in advance for reservation. Additionally write us a letter, tell us about your experiences, who told you about antagon, & include a photo of you


Bank details for reservation-fee:

Account of:    antagon theaterAKTion

BIC:              HELADEF1822

IBAN:            DE65500502010000815420

antagon theaterAKTion
Orber Straße 57
60386 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon: +49 (0)69 41 70 41

Infos: Bernhard Bub (Artistic Director)
+49 (0)172.6660173

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