Orlando Furioso

Orlandos ghost is appearing on a movie set while a film crew is trying to capture an important sequence of their film „Orlando Furioso“ by Ludovico Ariosto.

The Ariostesque imagery, nurtured by songs and medieval legends, is here enacted with modern symbols. Spectators don´t know if the performers are a street theatre company or a film crew.

Is Angelica the victim of the the film camera  or will she be sacrificed to a huge and hungry sea monster, that emerges from a „fellinian“ plastic sea?

Whilst the Ariostesque octaves can be heard, the Hypogriphe ridden by Orlando arrives in a flaming flight, monsters explode in giant pyrotechnics.

Film, theatre and television fight among themselves in a war of creative processes, from which emerges, victorious, one more time, the Theatre.