keen on sociocultural projects

Always interested in exchange and conjunction of population groups and cultures antagon theaterATIopn works to learn from eachother, to design witheachother, to give others the understanding of the art of free theatres as individual  opportunity to develope, as well as for other groups.

Schauspieler von Antagon und Vilavox und Schüler und Mitwirkende und Organisatoren aus Nilo Pecanha

Local projects in Frankfurt and Rhein-Main are for example “Lichtblick” – a cooperation with provisions for disadvantaged Teenager. antagon has also co-operated in projects with the “Praunheimer Werkstätten”, for disabled adults. Integration and participation are the most important aspects here.

EU-Projects: together with the non-profit association “protagon” we work cross-national and in exchange with other theatres from other European cities. For example:  “GRUNDTVIG” or “remember the future”.

International, thus worldwide, the ensemble of antagon visited and played at four other continents and  works with other initiatives on sociocultural projects.  Amonst others: Brasil, Ecoador, Venezuela, Laos, Cameroon, Armenia, Cuba, Columbia, Mexico, Turkeyi, Taiwan, and more!


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Currently Bernhard Bub is working on a theatreship in Brasil that will ship to the coasts and islands which are more or less isolated from modern life. In cooperation with the brasilian theatregruops like Vila Vox and with support from the state of Brasil this project offers theatre workshops for children and teenagers to face their ways of life: Escuna Criativa!

Darüber gibt es auch schon Medienberichte – so beispielsweise aus der Frankfurter Neuen Presse.






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Videoselection of some projects: