Conference 2015




25 years of antagon theaterAKTion in public spaces a gathering


23rd to 25th October 2015

antagonHall    Orber Straße 57    60386 Frankfurt am Main

With a conference we will celebrate our 25th anniversary – two and a half decades of intensive work. Looking back, but also facing to the future, we want to create an occasion to  meet friends, companions and colleagues, to share moments of remembering old times, to spend time together and enjoy what we have all achieved and to make the development visible to the participants.


It is not just another attempt to state the importance and relevance of theater in public spaces or to prove its social necessity by just talking about it.

With the celebration of our 25th anniversary we consciously want to practice what we preach.


We are not scientists, not academics, we don´t want to be wannabe artists for art’s sake.

We are more theater makers, craftsmen … “actors who have mixed up their profession with their life, creating theater as a ritual, no panting, like breathless people, hungry, but not starving….”. So it is written in the first antagon Brochure (Caspar Hauser production from 1991 – after one year of existence).


We have become part of a movement within theater that started 25 years ago a conscious confrontation with the audience – to find its own form of expression, choosing to use public spaces as the venue for the performing arts and finally to bring it back there again.


These 3 days in October we will show the development process of our work after a quarter of a century, give you the chance to see behind the scenes, let you view snapshots from our lives.


We have invited successful theater directors, theater makers and professionals who will share their tremendous experiences and knowledge with us as teachers and critical observers.


Meet our friends and colleagues that have been on the road for a very long time, join in their goal to bring theater into public spaces with their theater groups, as festival organizers and as supporters. We invite all of you to join a inspiring and creative debate and to make a contribution to this meeting.


Because: If we don´t do it – nobody else will!

To make a difference in real life by uniting our strength, sharing our knowledge and network resources – this is the meaning of our conference.


Bernhard Bub and the antagon Ensemble