Time Out


In our modern world we are constantly under the pressure to be flexible, fast, better and to possess more.
It ‘s time to end this constant acceleration. We should take a deep breath a “Time Out” and ask ourselves:

In what era are we living? Who determines the rhythm of our lives? Is it ourselves or is it the working rhythm we are bending to? The clock is ticking. Is everything measured in time and effectivity nowadays? We run like crazy through our daily grind. It seems as our calling to have a good life.

The vision of a faraway world, in search for a lost spirituality and the pursuit of happiness. This is what antagon shows in “Time Out” by expressive physical theater , with specially composed live music , projections, stilt acts, elements of Butoh dance and spectacular pyrotechnics and a final burning picture.

In July 2012 antagon played on Wenceslas Square, Prague. It was a historic moment because after a very long time theatre in the public space was shown again on this important square of the Czech Republic. Over 2000 spectators came to this premiere. http://www.antagon.de/stage/time-out/


Time Out Photos

Running time: 70 min

Audience up to 2,500 spectators