Former Productions

Former Productions:

2007 H2O – Remember the Future? – Coproduction between England und Slowenia

2001 QUO – Street Theatre

2000 Integral – Performance in three scenes: trapeze artists, dance, musical accompaniment

2000 Theatre und performance exchange projects with performers from Santiago de Chile

1998 Human Form – Dance Theatre Experiment, Indoor
“ . . . With images and associations, the show narrates how strange, humaniod creatures function like machines in the glittery world of consumption . . . The foremost question is thus: In the midst of illusion, deception and ambivalence, how can identity develop . . . ”
Frankfurter Rundschau, Oktober 27, 1998

1997 Equinox Terminal – Street Theatre
“ . . . shakes the audience by intoxicating the senses, abducted 2000 spectators at the 21st Century Fair: In foreign worlds, bizarre figures play a furious, racy game.
BZ, August 30, 1998

1996 Orgia Fogo – Indoor
“A mammoth performance about sensation and momentary eroticism which make vitality perceptible. “ . . . Through the darkness, spotlights heave an earthling out of the depths below, a creature of another world, and pull the audience through a two-hour image show. The human art of striving to realize elementary, libidinal needs is the motor driving the pilfering business of show business, and the clergy. From sin to self-scourage.”
Frankfurter Rundschau, December 27, 1996

1995 Schreie Niemandsland – (Screams in No-Man’s Land) – Street theatre
“ . . . a violent play about freedom – experienced as one’s own, internal power and not simply as the absence of captivity.”
Zitty Berlin Nr. 19/1995

1994 Gestrandet –  (Stranded – the Dream, the City, the Leap) – Street theatre

1993 Get Natural – Indoor
“ . . . an angry ritual of modernity – action-theater in the best sense of the word. The 16 performers shred the boundaries of traditional theater with incredible ingenuity in this production.”
Berliner Morgenpost, October 1993

1992 Caspar Hauser – Street theatre
“This performance is decidedly different than other forms of theater. This fictitious documentary of the boy Caspar Hauser, who was raised by wolves and sent into modern civilization without a human voice, forcefully throws out shocking and fascinating symbolic images. The action takes place at seven different stations, to which the audience wanders, following the performers during the play.”
Arnsberger Kleinkunst-Tage, July 6, 1992

1991 La Chasse – Exchange project with a French theater group + Closing performance in Frankfurt am Main

1991 Des Geyers schwarzer Haufen – (The Black Vulture Cluster) A spectacle about violence and death – Street theatre