The story of antagon

antagon_alt-Tourbus-blauThe story of antagon

To be antagonistic in life and on stage : antagon theaterAKTion, a theatre founded by Bernhard Bub 23 years ago , currently the ensemble consists of 25 people. It is one of the largest and most famous free theatre ensembles in Germany . The theatre group lives and works in a collective in the east of Frankfurt.

antagon uses a non-verbal, emotional way of communication – beyond words. Therefore antagon shows are understood world wide. antagon already played  in Cameroon as well as in Laos , Cuba , Armenia , Brazil , Singapore.

From day one, the concept was to bring theatre and dance to the people in public spaces and to transform these locations into cultural places .

International tours were realized. Besides Germany, we went to Central and South America, Cuba , Africa , Asia, Europe – and Eastern Europe.
A Highlight was the presentation of the production “Ginkgo – theatre about hope” at the Expo 2008 in Zaragoza , Spain.

In 2011 antagon was on tour in Mexico, performing at the largest theatre festival in Central America ( Cervantino , Guanojuato).

Since 1990, over 300 people were in the group and with her on stage. Children were born , more projects and new groups emerged.