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The story of
antagon theaterAKTion

30 years of antagonistic theater.

Antagon theaterAKTion, a theatre founded by Bernhard Bub 30 years ago (in 1990). It is one of the largest and most famous free theatre ensembles in Germany. The theatre group lives and works in a collective in the east of Frankfurt. Antagon uses a non-verbal, emotional way of communication that is beyond words. Therefore antagon shows can be understood world-wide. In fact the Ensemble already played in a lot of countries like for instance in Cameroon, Laos, Cuba, Costa Rica, Mexico, Iran, Armenia, Kazakstan, Brazil, Singapore, Russia… and in almost all the countries of Europe. From day one, the concept was to bring theatre and dance to the people in public spaces and to transform these locations into cultural places. A highlight of antagon’s work has been the presentation of the production “Ginkgo – theatre about hope” at the Expo 2008 in Zaragoza , Spain. In 2011 antagon was on tour in Mexico, performing at the largest theatre festival in Central America (Cervantino, Guanojuato). Since 1990, over 300 people were in the group and with her on stage. Children were born, more projects and new groups emerged.

Story: Chi siamo
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