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Traum einer sache: Testo


ASHES addresses the feelings that are gripping more and more people in these times: The future is uncertain.


The narrative of "higher, faster, further, better" is coming to an end, and with it fundamental aspects of our way of life. The world is burning - and we who set it on fire are slowly becoming aware of our vulnerability.

In view of the advancing climate catastrophe and the reality of war - now also in Europe - the antagon ensemble researches the question: "What remains when only ashes remain"? One thing is certain: every end brings a new beginning. Which Phoenix will rise from the ashes, from the ruins of a world built on exploitation?

In the search for the future, it is worth looking back at what was. At what points in our cultural heritage can we pick up threads that have been cut in recent centuries? Which forgotten and marginalised songs, dances, rituals can create a narrative about what connects us as human beings - and where are the interfaces between our different cultural traditions?

In ASHES, fragments of traditional choreographies & songs are combined with physical theatre, puppetry and masquerade, as well as live band music that reflects the internationality of the ensemble, from synthesizer to berimbau. The 15 performers thus create moving images between rousing explosiveness and the emotionality of genuine encounters, and also repeatedly enter into direct contact with the audience.

Traum einer sache: Testo
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