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Every year, Protagon e.V. invites hundreds of volunteers to live and work with us is organising festivals in Frankfurt-am-Main: Winterwerft in February, Sommerwerft in July/August, and Frauenfestival in September.


As a helper in our festivals
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Volunteering for one of these festivals will make you gain diverse insights behind the scenes of non-commercial cultural events, get to know artists and musicians, and contribute to the creative urban culture of the region. Volunteers can of course take part into the numerous workshops and be attending the different shows and performances, but also get to know our team and our visions, experience this adventure and go on this journey all together! 

Volunteers from abroad are also welcome to join and live at the cultural space of Protagon e.V. They will be sharing the collective living lifestyle of the antagon team. The amount is limited, this is why we give the chance to those who can imagine to live in a community in a good-mannered way, and who are interested in theatre, in our visions and our projects!

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