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Open Training
Theater and dance

Open trainings: Inventario

In Orber Str. 57, Frankfurt Am Main
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WhatsApp: +33 6 42 90 68 88

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Follow/Resist - Open Training


When is the moment to follow, to accept a proposal? And when is it
better to resist, to create a challenge?

In this open training we will explore these questions through exercises
of physical theatre and dance.

We will use the principles of following and resisting to discover and
expand our capacities of physical storytelling, both alone and with others.

In the interplay of expression and perception, action and reaction with
one or more partners, we are looking to achieve a state of presence and
flow, setting challenges and providing support to each other.

Each 90 minute session begins with a playful warm-up and exercises for
the body and (sometimes) voice, and then moves into clearly structured
improvisation an
d composition situations.

The training is led by Max Büttner.

All levels welcome, bring comfortable clothes.


Ecstatic Dance


Dear adventurers, 

Let’s dive into the power of dance and movement igniting your inner fire and sparking your creativity.

Together with the wind of live music we awake the potential of our bodies and mind, soaring to the heights of self-discovery.

Step by step, we'll discover the joy and freedom that come with embodied movement, as we explore the depths of self-expression.

This ecstatic dance session is a call to adventure, no matter if you're an experienced or just seeking to tap into your creative spirit.

The magical #LIVEMUSIC of the antagon band will support and shape our journey.

Come and dance with us, awakening the magic within.

This Session is DONATION BASED > Send this invitation to a friend or bring somebody to the Ecstatic Dance

What are the 3 Principles of the ecstatic dance?

1. No shoes
2. No Talks
3. No stimulants


Thursday 04/05
Start: 7pm
Location: Orber Strasse, 57, protagon.


We are happy to meet you ❤️

Leave a reaction/comment on this message if you join us!

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