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Open Training
Theater and dance

Open trainings: Inventario

In Orber Str. 57, Frankfurt Am Main
Let us know that you are coming

WhatsApp: +33 6 42 90 68 88

Last minute information will be shared in these social media groups


From the 27/01/2023 to the 12/02/2023
you can take part into the workshops of the Winterwerft festival
registration and information on and 

The Open Trainings will be back mid-March 2023
See you soon in Orber Strasse! 


The AFRO-DIASPORIC BODY -  Open training on Wednesdays, comes back in April 2023!
With the rhythm of the drums, perception and empowerment of the body can be discovered in this course.
Images and movements of the Afro-Brazilian symbology and its rhythm can be experienced.
Movement (dance) in the context of the diaspora has always been helpful to feel one's own identity and ground.
Open level

How to participate donation-based?
Click "participate" then click on "Share" and bring a friend.

DISTANZ Dachverband Tanz #afrobeats #afrodance


antagon impro night

The antagon ensemble performs free #improvisation on stage, accompanied as always by #livemusic
The antagon impro night comes back in April 2023!

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