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The antagon BodyLab

Transdisciplinary performance laboratory
for the development of cultural and artistic work

The bodyLab is a communication space between artists and audience. It aims at developing socially relevant performances and events in theater culture: dancers, actors and actresses, acrobats, video makers and musicians all come together.


The project permits artists to present their “Work in Progress” about their multidisciplinary theatrical studies and research. Acting and dancing performances, explanation of performative methods, live music, videos, lights and projection are at the programm.

The artists offer the fruit of their own research and can come together to put up a future show.

The BodyLab is thought as a space where artists meet each other as well as their new audience.

The last few years the BodyLab exclusively took place within the frame of festivals (Sommerwerft, Frauenfestival) in Frankfurt am Main.

TheaterMobil: Chi siamo

Recent work in progress...

Collective sounds&visuals


Projections: Effi Bodensohn, Edith van den Elzen

Music: Ruben Wielsch, Bobby Packham

Performance: Lena Neckel, Max Büttner, Myrthe van den Kieboom


On an open space, a multi-layered stage set emerges in a very short time, a place between dream and reality. Mysterious projections, shadow play and organic music attract the audience. Until two strange characters become recognisable in the tangle of bamboo.


"Breaking out. Crossing the borders of the 4th wall of a theater musician. Social questions of the



Research on the condition of women

This research in particular was born in the bi-sided context of the pandemic and the gender struggle.
The starting points were thus the impossibility to go out and live normally, the physical impediment, the moral suffering caused by the distance between people, but also the struggle of the woman to exist as such, with her history, her genetic past and the c
ontrast of her sensitivity and her strength.

Unifying women in their diversity
The strong and the sensitive,

Flowing and melting skins.

TheaterMobil: Servizi
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