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Hambre y Vida

Hambre y Vida 24.02. - 12.03.2023

17 days of theater laboratory with antagon ensemble in the desert of Spain

We invite you to our annual full-time (intensive) theatre laboratory in Spain. Hambre y Vida serves to refresh and reactivate our Antagon reality and gives you the opportunity to get in touch with it.

For about 17 days we will live, create and train together in the desert mountains near the Andalusian coast.

2015 HyV Training  - WEB.jpeg

You will experience what it means to be part of the creative Antagon collective as well as the structure of everyday life together. Making decisions together in a complex group: Everyone for themselves, everyone for the group, the group for each individual.

Daily classes in improvisation, dance & theatre, stilts & acrobatics. Emotional theatre work and expanding your own perception. Transferring these new skills directly into creation, trans-theatrical expeditions and much more will be on our daily agenda.


Antagon - that is a vision of professional "physical theatre in public space" experienced and lived for 32 years - based on the group process of living and working together. During this time many plays & performances have been developed and shown in international tours.

From the beginning antagon theaterAKTion was motivated by current & political issues. This is also the origin of our plays. Currently we have 8 plays in our repertoire.


Antagon's creative work includes:

Transforming public space into a confronting poetic theatre atmosphere.

Organic theatre as the key to touching the audience emotionally. Always searching for the answers to fundamental & current questions of life: Where do we come from? Where are we at the moment? Where are we going? Who am I? Who are you?

We are looking for people who want to participate in our process, our vision. Of course, and above all, people who are interested in a common path with antagon. Your path could start on this journey in Spain!

Where: Andalusia, Spain

When: 24 February. - 12. March 2023

Costs: 600,- Euro incl. travel costs & meals

Departure and arrival in Frankfurt with the Antagon tour bus

1 REQUIREMENT You are interested in working with antagon for a certain period of time.


2 REQUIRED Write us an email with a picture of yourself, your personal motivation, what are your experiences, how did you hear about antagon? (


3 REGISTRATION FEE Limited number of participants! 100.- € prepayment to reserve your place max 14 days after our confirmation

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