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by Benedikt Müller and Lucas Tanajura

Gingko: Testo


by Benedikt Müller and Lucas Tanajura

A two men performance who use theatre, dance, acrobatics, instrumental music and singing to embark on an intimate journey that once began with the following question:

What happens when any certainties we have are lost and we plunge into the unknown?

A risk, but also an opportunity in these tumultuous times that begins with our vulnerability, addresses our personal borders and then settles in when all masks fall away. A moment of nakedness, of leaping, of new beginnings with an open outcome.

Inspired by German, Brazilian and Latin American folk songs, two men see and understand their relationship to the nature of things and show the connection and ongoing struggle for each other. As if caught on the high seas, the boundaries between their two countries of origin, their cultures that are so different, with all that life and death, comradeship and love, what man and nature means to them... became blurred. Opposites become meaningless and it is now about coming together and becoming one, carried by the wind, making music with the stars and dancing with the waves.

...and yet the question of the stone in his hand remains.

„The sea, origin and source of life. A desert of water that explains to us the connection to our ancestors. Complete freedom and forlornness at the same time.

Times that do not tick by clocks but sway with the moon. Who are we, two men lost in the waves and dancing with the stars? Where does our journey take us when we leave the mainland and entrust ourselves to the forces of nature? Between moon and sea, wind and waves, trust and lostness, dance and theatre, music and magic, light and darkness, you and me, stones and stilts, form and colour, dependence and aloneness, singing and humming, poem and shape, beach and stars, billow, whistle, rush, break, storm, embrace, swim, float, fly, fall and hold two men above the water. Tracks in the sand end in the sea and at the deepest bottom a solid stone is found with which everything begins.“
Benedikt Müller Feb.2021

Gingko: Testo


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