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Corpus Mundi

by Barbara Luci Carvalho

Photo: Barbara Walzer

Gingko: Testo

Corpus Mundi

"Corpus Mundi" is an autobiographical narrative that overcomes aesthetic barriers in flowing movements between dance, theater and geography. A performative experience report of an afro-descendent female body that transforms personal experiences into a public performance.
“The door is open… I hear the voice of my ancestors saying: Do not forget that you have to take care of the genes of this world, and bring life to a body that is constantly challenged to break through social constructions. You have only just started to create your own story ... ‘”

Language: Portuguese, English, German
Concept, choreography and performance: Barbara Luci Carvalho
Video: Jorge Bascuñan
Music: Bernhard Bub and Ruben Wielsch
Light and stage: Barbara Luci Carvalho and Bernhard Bub

Gingko: Testo
Gingko: Pro Gallery
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