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Frame Games

Falling out of the ordinary

Frame Games: Testo

Frame Games

Falling out of the ordinary.

How much can people fall out of the ordinary, but still get stuck within an ordinary life and longings?

Everything within the framework that is out of the ordinary...

A quiet video projection takes the audience on a journey, over long streets, through empty buildings - impressions of a remote world, the world of frame games. The time that passes quickly outside of the piece is gently stopped with this film.

A group of travelers emerges from this world, accompanied by torches and other burning utensils. They are strange characters, but familiar too. They would normally rush past, but they look like they have fallen out of time.

A “BANG” breaks the silence, drops the canvas and opens a view on the frame, which pulls all the protagonists into itself, except a suitcase. A fascinating game starts, that makes images of memories, thoughts and dreams of the characters appear and disappear.

Completely without words, the protagonists fill the four frames of the stage with poetic images, and only break out of them in furious dances or elegant stilt art.

We are happy to send stage instructions to prepare for the performances on request!

Audience capacity: 800 / playing time approx. 60 min.

Frame Games: Testo
Frame Games: Pro Gallery
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