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Theater about hope.

Gingko: Testo


Theater about Hope

In the piece “Ginkgo”, antagon takes up the nuclear catastrophe of 1945: In a perverted world of egoism, exploitation, environmental destruction and armed conflict, nature still strives for its survival. The piece stands for hope: after the atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima, the ginkgo tree was left as a charred stump, but it opened again and came back to life.

In a futuristic set, a group of human beings struggles for survival and finds the germ of hope, the source of growth and bloom in the lively power of nature. Could the power of nature be part of every human being? Deeply hidden, like an old forgotten knowledge?

The piece also refers to the current threat posed by man-made environmental disasters. Despite of it, is it possible to believe in a life of dignity and in a habitable world?
“Ginkgo” is a fast-paced outdoor performance with pyrotechnics, fire, stilts and hanging productions as well as specially composed live music, which creates haunting, stirring and poetic moments. It is a 360° play.


Audience capacity: 8,000 people / playing time approx. 70 minutes

We are happy to send stage instructions to prepare for the performances on request!

Gingko: Testo
Gingko: Pro Gallery
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