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Package: Testo


Directed by Shusaku Takeuchi

“Package” was awarded the “Sonia Gaskell Prize” in 1995 and was the first western dance theater production to be officially shown in 2001 on Moscow's Red Square.

In a time in which “showing competence” is taken more seriously than the work itself, the piece points at the cruel everyday life in an office, between monotony, bullying and career struggle. The piece shows situations that seem to come directly from working life, and it does it through expressive images and an aesthetic - athletic choreography, The banking city of Frankfurt is therefore an ideal location for this new version of the piece by Shusaku Takeuchi in coproduction with antagon theaterAKTion.

The connection between Shusaku Takeuchi and antagon theaterAKTion has existed for more than 20 years. “Package” is reinterpreted with the possibilities and forms of the antagon theater.
The director and choreographer Shusaku Takeuchi works with the ensemble as well as with guest actors. The revival of the piece in a new form is not only a homage to the piece itself, but particularly a sign of remembering and developing our culture in public space - the quality of past work is translated into the future.

Artistic direction / choreography: Shusaku Takeuchi

Co-Direction: Bernhard Bub

Composition: antagon-Musik-Kollektiv, Det Whiel, G.J van Dijk

Light design: Joscha Erker, Shusaku Takeuchi

Stage design: Shusaku Takeushi

Package: Testo
Package: Pro Gallery
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