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Rote Rose

Rote Rose


Red roses in bloom

In the windows

On the streets

On walls

Tubs and bodies

Cold or still hot

Tears, salty they still nourish

A bouquet for a single flower

That blooms because you queued for bread at the wrong time

Because you crossed the road

Waited for the train that stopped coming long ago

Met a friend

Played with your brother

You stayed human

In a time when people

Build machines, serve the same

Controlled by empty shells,



ghosts and puppets

Who believe

Red roses bloom much more beautifully where you will be United with the earth.

More than 30 years ago on April 5. 1992, the longest siege in modern history began. For 1425 days Sarajevo was turned into ruins. When crossing the road becomes a journey that you don't know if you will survive, where are the people?

Surviving, remembering and rebuilding - a revolutionary act. Starting with Vedran Smailović - "the cellist of Sarajevo" - a search for the memory of another tomorrow begins another tomorrow. A performance that uses music, physical theater and dance to remember what happened in another country before we were born.


Director: Lucas Tanajura

Performance and idea: Benedikt Müller

Music: Elisabeth and Benedikt Müller

Realization: antagon theaterAKTion / Winterwerft

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