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Time OUT

Theater about time.

Time OUT: Testo

Time OUT

In our modern world, people are driven by the necessity of being flexible, fast and always more efficient. To a certain extend however, acceleration suddenly becomes deceleration. “Always being available” turns into its contrary. Time is out. Break. Time Out!

What time do we live in? What determines the rhythm of our life?

The clock is ticking. Everything these days seems to be measured in terms of time and effectiveness. However it looks like these short-term issues destroy and create more confusion than match to their actual purpose.

The piece initially creates a world in which people live in their time prisons. The audience experiences the story of the struggle between Pacha Mama, who stands for an archaic life and understands time as a moment of life, and the god of stress, who has long since become the slave of a machine that counts seconds, minutes and hours.

It's about feelings that we would like to experience again in the future. A longing for something that has perhaps disappeared for a long time.The plot in “Time Out” merges reality and illusion and leads the viewer into a fantastic space. The vision of a remote world, the search for lost spirituality and the hunt for happiness. Antagon describes all of this in “Time Out” through expressive body theater, with specially composed live music, projections, stilts, elements of Butoh dance, spectacular pyrotechnic effects and a final fire painting.

We are happy to send stage instructions to prepare for the performances on request!

Audience capacity: 2000 / playing time approx. 70 min.

Time OUT: Testo
Time OUT: Pro Gallery
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